Bihar Election Exit Poll Result 2015, NDA(BJP+)-JDU

Bihar Assembly Elections 2015 concluded today November 05, 2015. The Bihar Election was held in five phases and the voting percentage of the election is 56.80%. The leading media houses conducted exit poll surveys in Bihar state and their predictions are out as a trending results in Bihar. The Bihar Election 2015 vote counting will be started on November 8, Sunday and the live results will be available on time.

Bihar Exit Polls Result
Bihar Election Exit polls are conducted by News Nation,CNX and News X , ABP-Nielsen and their results are listed here. Most of the exit poll predicting JD(U) will be getting a little majority in the seats over BJP alliances.

Bihar Election 2015 Exit Poll Results

India Today Exit Poll Results - Bihar Election 2015

NDA (BJP+) : 120
JD(U)+: 117
Others: 6

Times Now - C Voter Exit Poll Results - Bihar Election 2015

NDA (BJP+) : 122
JD(U)+: 111
Others: 10

ABP-Nielsen Exit Poll Result

NDA (BJP+) : 108
JD(U)+: 130
Others: 5

News Nation Exit Poll Result

NDA (BJP+) : 115-119
JD(U)+: 120-124
Others: 3-5

CNX / News X Exit Poll Result

NDA: 90-100
JD(U)+: 130-140
Others: 13-23

News24- Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll Result

NDA (BJP+) : 74-92
JD(U)+: 145-166
Others: 2-8

Other Titles:

Exit Poll Results 2015
Bihar Exit Poll Result 2015
Bihar Election Result - Exit Polls
Bihar Election 2015 Exit Poll Result 2015